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    Seaside resort of the Côte Fleurie, two hours from Paris, Trouville owes its reputation to the charm of its fishing port, the beauty of its long sandy beach and the richness of its architectural heritage.

    The iconic fish market, the century-old casino, the innumerable beachside seaside villas, the narrow streets lined with fishermen's houses, as well as a wide range of festive, cultural and sporting activities throughout the year, make Trouville a privileged place of life and an ideal destination for family holidays or small romantic getaways.

    Trouville, culinary destination with 27 trawlers who supply every day the 10 fishmongers Fish Market and sixty restaurant station with fresh seafood: mackerel, sole, shrimp, scallops, whelks ...

    Trouville, family destination par excellence, with a town center authentic and warm, a long, gently sloping beach, many events dedicated to children, multiple sports and leisure facilities suitable for all ages.

    Trouville, lively and dynamic resort, with shopping streets, a traditional market, a casino, a multitude of restaurants, theme nights, festivals, festive and popular events, quality cultural programming, great games for children.

    Trouville, nature destination with a preserved natural environment (beach, cliffs of Roches Noires, augeronne countryside), many hiking trails close to the sea, and the top of the cornice, a unique view of the roofs of Trouville and the beaches of the Côte Fleurie.

    Trouville, source of inspirationover the centuries, for artists seeking rest and authenticity, like Alexandre Dumas, Flaubert, Marcel Proust, Marguerite Duras or impressionists, Charles Mozin, Paul Huet, Corot, Boudin, Courbet, Monet, Bonnard; and more recently the famous Savignac poster artist.

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    The Tourist Office offers a list of accommodation in hotels, guest houses, aparthotels and rental apartments and / or houses both in Trouville and nearby.

    Similarly for the restaurant, we offer about sixty good reputed tables, located mainly on the quays, the beach and the picturesque streets. All offer seafood and typically Norman gastronomy.

    If you wish to obtain additional information, do not hesitate to contact the Service Accueil of the Office of Tourism which will be able to help you in the preparation of your stay.

    Phone: 02 31 14 60 70 - Mail: ottrouville@wanadoo.fr

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